Not going Anywhere

You’ll find all of the activities offered at Donnelly
Lakes below, plus we’ve included some of our favorite
activities and things to do in and around Pemberton.

Wander along amazing trails

There are a number of magnificent walks for you to enjoy without even leaving the property. Depending on the season, you will be delighted to discover many kinds of birds, animals, wild flowers and plants.

The most popular walk is undoubtedly along the banks of the Donnelly River, which meanders along the property boundary. Look out for Karri Sheoaks, which are unique to the area, as well as a number of ferns and fungi species.

Nature has a way of soothing the soul and the peace found here away from the bustle of life will no doubt recharge you.

Wonder at the amazing birdlife

There’s an abundance of bird life here at Donnelly Lakes. No matter the time of year, there is always an amazing array of birds to be seen and heard. From beautiful water birds such herons, Ibis, rare bitterns and several species of ducks, to rosellas, white-tailed and red-tailed black cockatoos, twenty-eight parrots as well as the blue fairy wrens, splendid wrens, white breasted and scarlet robins and golden whistlers.

Look out for the magnificent swamp harriers, wedge-tailed eagles and sparrow hawks as well. Over 80 species of birds have been sighted on the property.

Explore the Lake by Canoe

Grab a canoe and explore the main lake, look for birds in the hidden nooks and crannies, or just sit back and admire the reflections on the water. Each of our chalets has its own canoe (with paddles and life jackets).

We recommend watching the misty sunrise from the middle of the lake, just make sure to wear a warm jacket!

Spa Time

Unwind in the comfort of your own chalet in your private spa overlooking the peaceful lake.

Soak your cares away, stargaze or listen to nature while your body relaxes. our well maintained Spas are heated for your enjoyment all year round.

Not going far.

(20-30mins by car)

Climb the Gloucester Tree

Climb this magnificent Karri tree to a viewing platform perched 61m above the forest floor. The views from the top have to be seen to be believed!

The Gloucester Tree is only 5 minutes from town and is the perfect way to challenge yourself.

Donnelly River Cruise

Enjoy a relaxed cruise from the Karri to the Coast. Meandering along the 12km section, we will transverse a diverse ecosystem that is only accessible by boat. From the lush Jarrah and Marri forests, through the Paperbark and wetlands, to the limestone cliffs and majestic Southern Ocean.

Sample a Local Drop

Pemberton is renowned for its premium wines, especially Pinot Noir. There are so many to choose from, start at the Pemberton Wine Centre to sample a couple of drops. Not too many though! Try Lost Lake, Silkwood, Salitage, Mountford, Hidden River or Warren Wines just to name a few!

500m from our main entrance is the beautiful Ampersand Cellar door and Distillery where you can do a tasting and purchase a platter.

Yeagerup Dunes

The best is off the highway! Join a tour for a ride you’ll never forget. We’ll take you through the towering forests and out onto the Yeagerup Dunes, an inland dune system that is continuing to drift! View the Warren River as it meets the Souther Ocean before heading back in our air conditioned 4WD.

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